Why You Shouldn't Trust Just Anyone to Administer Your Injectables

Why You Shouldn't Trust Just Anyone to Administer Your Injectables

Each year in the United States, millions of people turn to cosmetic injectables — including neuromodulators like Botox® and dermal fillers like Juvéderm® — to minimize or reverse the most common signs of aging. As the most popular minimally invasive cosmetic treatment among women and men alike, injectables can help:  

As an experienced aesthetic medicine specialist who offers a full scope of anti-aging treatment solutions at Cosmetico MedSpa, board-certified physician Dr. Nidal Hasan is a master cosmetic injectable administrator — specifically using Juvéderm hyaluronic acid fillers. 

Here, Dr. Hasan discusses the importance of choosing a certified expert provider for your cosmetic injectable treatment and explains the risks of allowing an untrained hand to inject anything into your face.   

Dermal fillers are a leading anti-aging solution 

In 2022, over seven million Americans decided to minimize or erase unwanted signs of aging with minimally invasive injectable dermal fillers. Why?  

With their subtle, beauty-enhancing effects, soft tissue fillers have the power to offer the following:

Even better, injectable fillers provide immediate, long-lasting results.

Like any high-demand cosmetic treatment, however, injectables have become increasingly available at “bargain basement” prices in nonmedical “aesthetic spas” across the country. Unfortunately, cheap filler treatments are usually offered by untrained providers who don’t have the knowledge or skill to administer them properly or safely. 

Only a trained expert should administer injectables

You should only allow a highly skilled provider to administer your cosmetic injectables. When you choose Dr. Hasan for your dermal filler injections, you can expect: 

High-level skill and expertise

As a highly skilled aesthetic medicine expert who specializes in cosmetic procedures, Dr. Hasan works with a varied range of Juvéderm fillers — and has extensive knowledge about the advantages, drawbacks, and applications of each one. 

This enables him to consider your treatment goals and aesthetic needs with confidence, recommending the best injectable — or combination of injectables — for your personal anti-aging goals.   

An individualized treatment plan

Dermal fillers aren’t a one-size-fits-all anti-aging solution: No two people have the exact same combination of facial features, skin issues, or soft tissue changes, and filler injections shouldn’t be treated as a cookie-cutter solution for individual cosmetic concerns. 

A highly trained and experienced injectable specialist listens to your anti-aging goals, assesses your aesthetic needs, and creates a fully customized approach that will deliver the best results for you.  

When you choose a board-certified physician like Dr. Hasan who has a full understanding of facial anatomy, skin health, and wrinkle types, you can expect to get the filler products that best match your aesthetic needs — injected precisely and in just the right amounts — to help you attain the subtle, youthful results you’re after.

Your safety is our top priority 

In addition to the skill, artistry, and knowledge he brings to the table as a filler injection master, Dr. Hasan is also an expert in patient safety. He knows that every filler product works in its own distinct way, has specified “on-label” uses, and demands exacting application techniques. 

Accordingly, cosmetic injectables should only be administered by a licensed provider in a sterile environment. When you get fillers at Cosmetico MedSpa, we always put your health, safety, and comfort first. 

Getting fillers from an untrained provider is risky

Receiving facial fillers from an unskilled provider is risky: Not only are you more likely to wind up with a cookie-cutter treatment plan that doesn’t match your cosmetic needs, but you’re also more likely to get it in a way that doesn’t emphasize patient safety. 

There are many major drawbacks to choosing a “low-cost,” “back door” cosmetic injection provider, including: 

The bottom line? Having an unskilled or minimally trained provider administer your fillers is both a significant cosmetic and safety gamble — and it’s not worth any monetary savings you might gain on the front end.

Cosmetic injectable skill and expertise you can trust 

Are you ready to rejuvenate your appearance and turn back the hands of time with dermal fillers? With Dr. Hasan, you can expect safe, expert care and skilled, light-handed artistry that emphasizes your unique anatomy and aesthetic goals. 

To find out how we can help you fulfill your anti-aging goals, call or click online to schedule a visit at Cosmetico MedSpa in Highland, Indiana, or Orland Park, Illinois, today.

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